Our talent view:

The candidate, with people with morality, educational materials, can keep a person with feeling.

Selection and Morality: identity Sony values is a prerequisite for our selection. We have both ability and political integrity of employees, the German word for the first.

One can use: let an employee give full scope to the talents of its staff, and do their best. At Sony, whose ability is stronger, who will be able to get more important jobs.

Educational materials: everyone has his own advantages, the company pays attention to the cultivation of talents specialty, individualized education. According to each person's situation, we develop a personalized career plan.

To keep people in love: we provide a broad development space for employees, so that their ability to play. We create a more family oriented work environment and cultural atmosphere, in order to retain more talent.

Our view of work:

We advocate "health, happiness, positive, scientific" work view. Physical and mental health, to enjoy the work, to obtain the real pleasure of life.
Sony's development is not only the combination of personal and business interests, is that everyone can share the common ideals and values, it will be to promote Sony development and expansion of the energy source.
The company provides each employee with perfect salary and welfare guarantee, and provides a broad space for development.

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